Comp Ed Agreements: More of What You Need to Know



Determinations Must be Individualized.

Think about when will compensatory education be provided? • It should not be delivered when the child is involved in other learning opportunities.
       •    It should not feel like a punishment.

  • When will it be convenient for the child and family?
  • When will it be convenient for the school and providers?
  • Will it impact the child’s need for...
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Understanding Compensatory Education!!



What is it for?

Who is entitled to Comp. Ed.?

Why is it awarded?

Things that can go wrong!


Compensatory education is for a student deprived of reaching their special education and related services goals in their IEP. Compensatory education is an educational fund or services put in place to help a child to get caught up where deficiencies have been found in meeting IEP goals, when the school district is out of compliance in providing FAPE, a Free...

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