Understanding the Root Causes of School Refusal"





When Schools Pretend To Be Doctors And Doctors Pretend To Be Special Educators


Navigating the intersection of mental health care and special education advocacy is a complex endeavor that requires coordination and collaboration across multiple systems. Parents and education advocates often find themselves in a challenging position where healthcare providers, particularly primary care physicians, may...

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Truancy vs School Refusal: A Crucial Insight Series

Discover the Hidden Depths of Truancy vs School Refusal: A Crucial Insight Series


When you think of truancy, what comes to mind? Perhaps images of rebellious behavior, a child who is using drugs, or juvenile delinquency surface. How about a student with overall disdain for authority and the sarcasm to prove it?

What if I told you that for a significant number of students in the Truancy system, there's a deeper layer, a tangled web of unaddressed mental health issues intertwined with...

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Eye of the Advocate

The Advocate's Eye and the Open Heart

On this day of the New Year I would like to focus on what happens when someone finally develops the eye of an advocate.  What does that really mean and does that process of developing the Eye of an advocate have any impact on your life and if it does what does it look like?

We can compare the process of developing an advocate’s eye to developing an understanding and appreciation of music.  Many of us tend to prefer one genre of music over...

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