Education Advocate Runs For School Board

Should An Education Advocate Run For The School Board?

There have been several cases where a person with special education advocacy experience has run for the school board. There was, of course, hue and cry on both sides of the issue any time it presented itself.

Some people were afraid that the advocate would favor special education students and bankrupt the district. It is not unusual for people to think that everything related to special education is exceedingly expensive when there are...

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Safety First!!


Safety First

Guest Author: Linda Snyder MBA, PMP, BCEA  

with Marie Lewis, Ph.D., BCEA 

Excluding students with disabilities from school safety drills and practices is short-sighted.  The National Association of School Psychologists has recommended that schools consider developing individualized safety plans for students with disabilities.  It is critical that students with disabilities be involved in the planning and practice of safety drills. Although no one can...

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