Provocative Language - A Misunderstood Behavior - Autism, ADHD, TBI, and Tourette Syndrome

Provocative Language provides information on the interface between psychological practice, applied behavioral analysis, and social cognition training in an area that effects the education and welfare of children with specific disabilities like Autism, ADHD, TBI, and Tourette Syndrome. It provides insights on working with schools, mental health providers, and the criminal justice system. It describes principles for best practices and recommends procedures to be followed in IEP and goal development.

This book is a manual for interagency practice related to the understanding of behaviors that are misinterpreted and thus result in inappropriate interventions.  It also addresses the disability cultural realities and insights related to working with unique behavioral presentations specific to disabilities. This book includes a wide range of expertise necessary for: psychology, community psychology, mental health, neuropsychology, family and parents, educational psychology, behavioral...

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