Board Certified Education Advocate Training



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"You could not google all this information—amazingly in depth. I did not now what I did not know. "

Professional Advocate

"I was expecting a review but I got a wealth of new research based information. "

Special Education Director

"This training goes so far beyond basic regulatory, due process and special education principals. I learned how to identify and address unique and individual educational needs, how to develop a truly comprehensive, child focused, IEP that actually results in functional outcomes. "


"I know these laws better than any Advocate or Special Education Director. I practice in this field. This is the first time anyone told me HOW to get what my son actually needs to succeed."

Special Education Lawyer

"I didn't think I would be able to start a business in this field. Boy, was I mistaken! I have enough clients for 4 more advocates to work with me. "

New Advocate

"I now have new insights in understanding the culture, processes and complexities of the education systems. I've learned to manage a wide range of issues, challenges, personalities, and hidden agendas."

Professiona Advocate /MBA

"Don't spend years getting piece-meal what you can get in 12 one-day classes. This information would have required me to attend 60+ seminars vs. just 12 days. "

Advocate, Paralegal

"NSEAI has brought me a highly valued profession. My national board certification has set me apart from other advocates who are not cross-trained. "

Professional Advocate

"I now have a GPS through the special education maze that detects and addresses detours! Wow, where were you when my child was younger?"


"We were all cross trained in the same room despite our different roles in education, special education, parent and school/ education law, clinically-related services, behavior management, parenting, conflict resolution and advocacy. We laughed at ourselves and no one died. Well done and professional!"

Special Education Director

"Beyond the quality of content and presentation, each of the 12 core classes was full of golden nuggets of wisdom and guidance. I cannot emphasize the scope of knowledge that was imparted in these 12 core classes."

Professional Advocate / Engineer/Parent

"This training serves as a true benchmark of what consumers of professional advocacy training and education advocacy services should come to expect!"

Professional Advocate, Parent

"I cannot keep up with the amount of business I have now, after taking the Business of Advocacy program. This was an amazing entry into the field of education advocacy. You have changed so many lives!"

Advocate/ Clinician

"A very positive influence on my career. Thank you for the gift of these courses. I still laugh when I think of the stories you all told us. Great information given in a way that you can apply–you didn’t just give us information-you showed us how to use it!"

Education Advocate / Nurse

"I participated in one of my son’s IEP meetings and I left with a bad feeling in my gut. Right around that time, I got a flyer with information to become an Board Certified Education Advocate. Making the decision to take this training has been life changing for our family. The IEP process is not that scary, once you understand it in detail. "

Parent and NOW a Professional Advocate!

"I learned so many things. The most comprehensive collection of advocacy information I have ever found, and I’ve taken ALL the other national trainings. I DID NOT KNOW WHAT I DID NOT KNOW and I have been a professional advocate for years!"

Professional Advocate

"The historic lack of any standards, in this industry, has allowed poorly-qualified advocates to promote themselves. NSEAI has set a new national standard now so that everyone has the same quality information allowing us to effectively advocate. Being a BCEA is my top-ranked professional credential. "

Education Advocate / Special Education Teacher

"I feel great finally being acknowledged as a BCEA. I have gone to other national education advocacy trainings and trainings in the multiple topics surrounding education. This is comprehensive and an all in one package. I finally learned how to develop an IEP correctly, and support those with disabilities to get a FAPE! (not just run after violations)"

Professional Advocate for 10 years

"I have taken so many seminars. Never have I taken a course of study so well formulated and broadly based. It cross trained a seasoned Special Education Advocate like myself to do my job and do it with a renewed level of excellence."

Special Education Advocate

"It is refreshing to be considered a professional advocate. I am not here to write briefs or do legal research, quote the law and make legal decisions/statements. My goal, and NSEAI’s goal is to address a student’s broad educationally based needs and consult on the development of an effective IEP or 504 plan. After taking this training I now feel so much more prepared to facilitate a comprehensive IEP that results in functional outcomes. I am assured that my client’s children will receive a FREE and APPROPRIATE Public Education."

Education Advocate / Paralegal

"This organization respects the unique contribution that Special Education Advocates bring to the table—no matter what their original training. My class included teachers, school administrators, Parents, Students, Psychologists, OTs, S/L Therapists, RN’s and Lawyers. It is rare, as a professional educator and school psychologist that I recommend a program so highly. It was a wonderful experience!"

Psy.D / School Psychologist

"Finally! A professional organization that addresses Special Education Advocacy with a focus on educational and clinical expertise vs. just a narrow legal approach to advocacy. This course even improved my teaching knowledge that I will take back to the classroom. "

Special Education Teacher

"The NSEAI BCEA training is the national GOLD standard for identifying qualified special education advocates. It focuses on the core issues of educational advocacy and the required cross training, across educationally related specialties, to be successful. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. I never stopped learning during the whole program! It was worth the investment of time and money!"

M.Ed. / Advocate /Teacher

"Honestly, I just came for an easy way to get CLE Ethics credits. I assumed that this would just be an anti-school district training. My colleagues and I found the program to be very balanced and informative. All stakeholders should take this program. Well Done. "

School District Lawyer (major urban school district)

"I just finished course one, and am about to begin course two of your twelve course program. I love everything you are doing to help moms like me better advocate for our children. Many stories you share I too have personally experienced. My husband just laughs at my conversations I have with you through my ipad .... Ha! I wanted to reach out to let you know you are an absolute godsend to every parent that has ever had to fight their way through an ARD meeting."



The NSEAI Course leads to a Board Certified Education Advocate designation.

If you are going to be an advocate- you might as well learn from expert child focused special education advocates.

Unique cross training

Classes address the concepts and theory related to areas of special education, general curriculum, regulations, related services, research based interventions and programs, evaluations, generalization, and transition to adulthood.

But we don't stop there

We then teach the action steps to get educational needs identified, individualized appropriate programming, and the right data that results in positive academic and functional competency based outcomes, commensurate with the student's abilities.



This is your opportunity

Join a family of professional special education advocates who are all about changing lives and getting positive results and outcomes.

Get it right from the start

We will inspire you to approach the complex inter-disciplinary IEP development process in a powerful way.

We will give you access to all the pieces of the IEP puzzle and then teach you how to put that puzzle together correctly.

Acquire all the tools necessary to be a professional Special Education Advocate, no matter what your educational background or experience. 



Leadership with next level impact facilitates solutions that are child focused, individualized, and improve student outcomes.

Inspire through leadership

Be intentional in developing your capacity and confidence to provide exemplary service that gives you a competitive edge.

Be prepared to enter private practice in this rapidly growing field.

Associate with those with common values and mission.

Be an exemplary leader and model the way to:  

Facilitate communication that supports positive change

Empower shared input, decision-making, and vision

Enable others to act, and challenge ineffective application of the IEP processes.


Board Certified Education Advocate (BCEA™) Training

ON DEMAND                           80+ hours of instruction
                                                   in 20+ minute long videos
SELF PACED STUDY              2000+ pages of resources
AT YOUR CONVENIENCE      12 one-day classes
                                                   Access 24 hours a day
                                                    13 open book exams and 1 project
DON'T BE LEFT BEHIND       Access to all courses for 1 year
                                                               With prepayment plan

"13% of all public school students receive special education services under IDEA. 6.7 million students. "


"New York and New Jersey account for 56% of all Due Process hearings in the United States. The next six states with the highest due process rates account for 24%. (80% in 8 states) "


"After 25 years, ALL STATES are out of compliance with IDEA, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, in varying degrees. They have all denied appropriate supports and services to students with disabilities. "


"60% of all children in Juvenile Detention have learning disabilities. "


"Disciplinary issues are most likely to occur when students are not identified, or provided services they need, leading to measures that deprive them of appropriate preparation for independent living and direct them to a school to prison pipeline. "


"45% of students with learning disabilities are reported to have been bullied at school. "


"The US ranks 38th out of 71 industrialized nations in education"


"60% of people recovering from addictions have some form of a learning disability. "


"A lack of school accountability, poor enforcement of existing federal laws, and systemic barriers have denied students their educational rights and opportunities. This is why we need highly qualified education advocates"


"7000+ students drop out of high school every day. 1 every 26 seconds."


"In 11 states, less than 70% of low income students graduate. "


"50% of students with learning disabilities were suspended or expelled from school. "


"Educational failure puts the US's future, economic prosperity, global position, and physical safety at risk. "

Condoleezza Rice & Joel Klein

"Most parents don't have access to any attorney, or must rely on low-cost (sub-standard inferred) legal aid. Data from surveys shows that even this help is in short supply... Those parents who have the courage to go it alone face schools that are well represented. "

Senator Kennedy - 150 Cong. Rec. S5351

"CONFLICT between schools and parents over the provision of the education of students with disabilities is not uncommon. Unfortunately, the investigation of conflict and imposed penalties disproportionately focus on procedural matters and do little to address the underlying concerns of students and parents."

American Bar Association, April 02, 2019
Sara A. Gelser

"Despite a wealth of procedural safeguards and strong laws protecting students’ rights to a free and appropriate education, too many students with disabilities are leaving school unprepared for postsecondary life. Most leave without a standard diploma. The nation’s compliance and monitoring system should be shifted to better address student outcomes."

American Bar Association, April 02, 2019
Sara A. Gelser

"68% of 4th graders nationally scored below BASIC skills in 2017 in both Reading and Math. "


"77% of 12th graders scored below BASIC skills in Math. "


"63% of 12 graders scored below BASIC in Reading. "


"66% of students with disabilities graduated in 2016 compared to 84% of their peers. "


"50% of youth involved in juvenile justice have special needs but those with special needs only represent 13% of the population."


" Only a small subset receive specialized instruction or accommodations. Millions of children with learning or attentional issues a (1 in 5 children) are not formally identified. "

NCLD 2017


Become a Nationally Board Certified Education Advocate

We'll show you how to develop an individualized IEP that identifies all educational needs,

and leads to improved functional and academic outcomes, commensurate with the child's ability.

     GAIN PROFESSIONAL CONFIDENCE                                       TRANSFORM CHILDREN'S LIVES  

     Provide advance knowledge, resources, & tools              Facilitate positive communication    

     Identify child specific needs & scope of issues                  Know what questions get results

     Leverage your experience                                                      Understand roles and responsibilities 

     Proven road map to professional advocacy                       Monitor compliance and outcomes



An Investment In Yourself !


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1 year access to all courses

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1 year access to all courses

Military, Fire and Police Families and those over 55 years old

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$285.00 per class

30 day access to each class


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It Is A Misunderstood Behavior

Get appropriate school evaluations and IEP development. 
With a free Advocacy Resource Membership
get the latest advocacy blog posts, and free research-based resources!


Feel like you could do more and don't know how? Learn to get results that CHANGE LIVES!
We will show you how to decrease parent's emotional stress, and increase their confidence, and independence through the Special Education process.
Parents beome confident professional education advocates, no matter what their educational background.(Psychometrics show that parents often get better grades than the clinicians, teachers, and lawyers.) 
This industry is rapidly growing and needs qualified people. Don't be left behind. 
Take control, and no longer let the system or process control you.
Know that you are helping parents who get stuck helping their child. 
Be an expert in facilitating IEP development, monitoring and compliance.
Be the most qualified in your community. 
Allow parent and student voices to be heard.
Get it right the first time vs always being in conflict. 

Learn to ask the right questions—that lead to successful outcomes.


Why Invest In This Training?

Look at what is at stake! A 1st or 2nd career with a very low cost entry point compared to other careers. You get access to a powerful community. Tremendous value for 80 hours of instruction, 280 videos. Incredible bonuses of resources. In a few months, you will have a new career, or be able to differentiate yourself from your competition in the quality of education and outcomes your client's receive.

What Is The Quality Of The Program?

NSEAI has been training, at a national level for over 10 years, Board Certified Education Advocates, (BCEA™ designation). Over 2000 professionals and parents have benefited from NSEAI programming. Read the testimonials from our courses.

If I Work Already, What About Access?

NO required days off from work, babysitting or travel costs!

Access at your convenience 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Students have taken the course while on vacation or outside of the country. 

Will It Be Too Technical?

It is not too technical. All the information is there for you to review. Follow along and the stories tell you what to do and how to change your thinking.

Our courses address the needs of a beginner/Consultant, intermediate/Diplomat and advanced/Fellow level education advocate. BCEAs are parents, educators and clinicians.

You have access to each class for 30 days unless you pre-pay and then you can review for up to 1 year. Every time you listen to a video it is like peeling an onion where you gain more and more insight into concepts, processes, and steps to success.

Why Start Today?

You've got questions? We have some great answers.  If you are done being frustrated, aggravated, overwhelmed, or tired of repeatedly hitting the wall after hours of IEP development, to only be left with a document that does not represent the student or their needs and ultimately is not implemented, than take this course.

Do I Need A License Or Board Certification To Practice As An Education Advocate?

No you do not! That is why NSEAI exists. The problem today is that anyone can be an education advocate with no consistent level of qualifications! Most advocates have just been taught laws and regulations and focus on violations vs preventing them in the first place (56% of all due processes in the country occur in just 2 states, 70% of due process rulings, with parent lawyer representation, are in favor of the school).

NSEAI focuses on understanding the complex inter-disciplinary IEP development process so that students have competency based, measurable functional outcomes that the student can do independently.

Education Advocacy is a consulting business that has no prerequisite education, licensure or certification requirements. Board Certification is a step that most professionals take, through their professional associations, in non-licensed and licensed fields, to assure their clients that they have specialty training.

A certificate of completion or a course certification is NOT a professional Board Certification.

Most currently licensed professions started with a national professional association offering board certification before the professional association petitioned a state legislature to required licenses. Don't be fooled by just a course certification!

What Do Clients Want?

If a family requires the services of a consultant that specializes in education advocacy, they deserve to know that the one they pick is knowledgeable and a leader in that field. They do not want a novice with eclectic training that does not address all the cross training required to be a professional advocate.

Knowledgeable advocates assist in the development of a holistic, individualized and appropriate IEP, commensurate with the child's abilities, that results in measurable, independent, competency based, functional outcomes.

They must know how to assist the IEP team in the identification of a child's educational needs and barriers to accessing education, design of appropriate research based interventions, understand federal and state education, civil rights and disability laws and regulations. 

Some people who enter the field believe that if they have worked with one child successfully, taken a legal training, or gone to due process, they know what every child needs. As a result, they unwittingly put client safeguards at risk, offer information beyond the scope and sequence of their training, knowledge, and competency resulting in delays in educational progress for these children.

What is an Education Advocates Scope of Practice?

To promote safe, competent, advance practice in education advocacy and assure uniformity in minimum educational requirements.  NSEAI has a PROFESSIONALLY DEFINED SCOPE of PRACTICE and GUIDELINES. These guidelines, as in many professions, usually become the future basis for a legislative statute when licensure is requested.

NSEAI, in February of 2008, was the first nationally to develop and publish a Professional Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice Guidelines for Education Advocates to protect consumers. BCEAs must adhere to an enforceable, mandatory Professional Code of Ethics and follow their Practice Guidelines, which define their profession. This was developed by a survey and a national committee, of Education Advocates from across the country.

Where do Education Advocates Work?

Graduates from the NSEAI Education Advocacy program work advocating for their clients in the public and private education systems, juvenile justice systems, government agencies, community based programming, colleges, transition programs, federally funded Parent Information Centers, diverse multi-cultural non-profit advocacy groups, community parent support groups, at hospitals and schools, Special Education PTOs, educational law agencies, educational policy and reform groups, law offices...

NSEAI regularly gets calls from non-profit and governmental agencies asking for qualified advocates to hire.

Education Advocate Training

Board Certified Education Advocates™ are required to keep up with resources in order to continue their competency in the profession. Clients can relax knowing that the  Board Certified Education Advocate™ today has had 80+ hours of direct instruction, 150 hours of indirect instruction, passed 13 - one hour exams, and done 2 field projects to prove their knowledge and training.

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Creating Win-Win scenarios is just one of the many ways we support our community.


A comprehensive integrated cross-training approach, focused on the IEP development process, so you get it right the first time. CLICK on classes to access syllabus.

Special Education Process

Advocacy Techniques and Practices

Proactive IEP Preparation

Academic and Cognitive Evaluations

Related Service Evaluations

Research Based Interventions

Transition Planning and Outcomes

Extended School Year

Special Education Issues

Behavioral Issues and Managment

Disability Case Management

Individual and Systems Advocacy


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