Take your Advocacy Skills to the next level with just 12 One Day Courses.

The National Special Education Advocacy Institute, NSEAI, has been offering  BCEA™ trainings since 2008. They offered the first and the only national Board Certified Education Advocate program. This nationally recognized program is available for the benefit of parents & leaders in the education advocacy field, such as yourself


COURSE NUMBER:            200-ATP


DURATION:         18.8 hours

Lecture 7.80 hours 25 videos with out of class assignments of 11.00 hours 
Academic institutions may accept 1.88 quarter credit hours or a no-credit / non-certification grade per course.

This is the second of 12 courses in a National Special Education Advocacy Training NSEAT™  program.  It may stand-alone or be combined with the full 12-course program as the education prerequisite to the NSEAI Board Certified Education Advocate™ application.  This course was developed as a collegiate level course and is offered for continuing education credits at this location

This course provides a broad introduction to professional advocacy preparation, documentation and communication skills.   These skills make the difference between professional and unprofessional conduct and outcomes.  They include: what education advocacy is and is not, areas of advocacy and the roles of the parent, school district and professional education advocate.  Professional and interpersonal listening skills, communication skills and team building principles and techniques are reviewed so to: save time, prevent confusion, improve parent and school district satisfaction, get the appropriate attention, improve outcomes and team alignment.

Written, verbal and nonverbal communication are outlined and modeled.  The 10 principals of professional communication, the communication checklist and the 6Ws of communication are reviewed. Techniques for conflict resolution, collaboration and facilitation are reviewed with a child focused approach.  Techniques for knowing what to ask for in an IEP meeting and key elements of letter writing related to rights under FERPA, complaint filing and NOREP responses are discussed.  Record organization for IEP development is outlined as well as their role in mediation, and due process.  Identification of unauthorized practice of medicine and law are addressed.   Additionally, techniques for interviewing for the right professional education advocate or lawyer are reviewed.  

This course is designed to expand parental and professional education advocacy skills with a broad knowledge base related to effective education advocacy communication and organizational skills.  This course provides information to students with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, educators, lawyers, state and federal agencies and related service providers on advocacy communication skills and techniques that are child and outcome focused.  

Understand key components of Educational Advocacy
Use of appropriate communication and negotiation techniques
How to know what to ask for
Questions you should ask
Advocacy Roles in IEP meetings, informal meetings, mediation and due process
Keys elements to good organization and documentation
How do we get to the key information and questions
Key elements to letter writing
Key elements in reviewing school records
Preparing for IEP development
ER/RR – Parent Letter of Attachment
NOREP/PWN parent responses- vs. agree or disagree
Filing a complaint with the Department of Education
Unauthorized Practice of Medicine
Unauthorized Practice of Law
How to Interview a Special Education Advocate & Educational Consultant
How to Interview a Lawyer

After completing the program, participants will:
•    Identify key components of Educational Advocacy
•    Define appropriate communication and negotiation techniques
•    Identify advocacy roles in IEP meetings, informal meetings, mediation and due process
•    Identify keys elements of IEP preparation, good organization and documentation
•    Understand what a practice act is and the Unauthorized Practice of Medicine and Law



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