Take your Advocacy Skills to the next level with just 12 One Day Classes.

The National Special Education Advocacy Institute, NSEAI, has been offering  BCEA™ trainings since 2008. They offered the first and the only national Board Certified Education Advocate program. This nationally recognized program is available for the benefit of parents & leaders in the education advocacy field, such as yourself.  

Correlation Does Not Equal Causation


CLASS  TITLE:            600 – Research Based Interventions  

DURATION:       17.33 hours

Lecture 6.33  hours in 29 videos with out of class assignments of 11.00 hours 
Academic institutions may accept 1.73 quarter credit hours or a no-credit / non-certification grade per course.

This is the sixth of 12 classes in a National Special Education Advocacy Training NSEAT™  program. It may stand-alone or be combined with the full 12-class program as the education prerequisite to the NSEAI Board Certified Education Advocate™ application.   This class was developed as a collegiate level course.

This class provides a broad introduction to research based educational programs and interventions. Research study types with associated program and practice vocabulary are discussed.  Evidence based practice and it’s federal mandate are reviewed with differentiation between strong evidence of effectiveness, promising evidence of effectiveness and interventions not supported by research.  The scientific quality of research and the U.S. Department Of Education’s evidence based gold standard are reviewed.  Issues with research and program variables and intervention definitions are delineated.   Research based language interventions including speech and language instruction and interventions, education statistics and the Mathew Effect are explored.  Reading is defined and assessment areas, components of reading instruction, evaluation of a reading program effectiveness, use of research based reading interventions, components of a quality remedial reading program, questions to ask about scientifically research based programing are explained.  Specific research based reading programs with descriptions are provided.   Research based math interventions, statistics, NCTM goals, math areas of need and objectives, validated math interventions and programming are reviewed.   Writing interventions, statistics, writing disability assessment areas, research based writing interventions, in handwriting, spelling, composition, word processor use and components of writing are provided. IES – national report card in math, writing and reading and web resources as well as model programs on the web are provided.  

This course is designed to expand parental and professional education advocacy skills with a broad knowledge base related to research based educational programs and interventions.  This class provides information to students with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, educators, lawyers, paralegals, state and federal agencies and related service providers on research based educational programs and interventions and their use.

Research Study Types
Program and Practice Vocabulary
Evidence Based Practices
Federal Mandate
Strong Evidence of Effectiveness
Promising Evidence of Effectiveness
Interventions not Supported
Scientific Quality
Gold Standard
Issues with Research
Program Variables
Intervention Definitions
Language Interventions
Reading Interventions
Math Interventions
Writing Interventions
Model Programs on the Web

After completing the program, participants will be able to:
•    Define key elements of a research based program or intervention.
•    Indicate the implications of the use of a research based program or intervention.
•    Outline criteria for research based programming.
•    Review critical research based interventions in language, reading, math and writing
•    Describe strategies for documenting the need for research based interventions and programs.



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