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This is a hard time for everyone. While we are all frustrated and coping with
unprecedented challenges raised by COVID-19, the burden is not shared evenly. This pandemic has magnified the extensive inequities present for 7.5 million special education students in our current educational system. 14 percent of all public school students receive federally mandated special education services because of their disabilities. Working together in collective constructive and positive action to face the inequity in education
for our most vulnerable special education learners is our only hope. Everyone's gifts and skills need to be appreciated during this time. Parents are acting as therapists, aides, counselors, and teachers while balancing their own responsibilities, working from home, and parenting.


The U.S. Department of Education and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have released new guidance to those working in schools and providing services to children with disabilities. The U.S. Department of Education clarified during this COVID shutdown, that a free appropriate public education (FAPE) may be provided consistent with the need to protect the health and safety of students with disabilities and those individuals providing special education and related services to students. This special education crisis during COVID-19 includes many special education and related services being delivered through distance instruction and provided virtually, online, or telephonically. Despite this clarification, during this stressful time of school closures, certain children are not receiving an appropriate education.


We know that it is a stressful time for all families, students, educators, and administrators. Every student deserves to learn, but many are not able to access computer-based virtual education from home. Even if a parent has the necessary hardware and internet access, they may lack the necessary computer skills. Many students with special needs rely on specific, hard-won, deserved, and legally required, learning supports to access their education. These supports are now absent for many which is institutionalized discrimination.


As a result, NSEAI has developed a GUIDE FOR PARENTS AND ADVOCATES. This is free to our community.  Just sign in and you will receive the free 41 page Ebook. It also includes a Lesson Observation Form, as well as the most current information on:

The Special Education Crisis During COVID

Teacher and Student Supports

Parental Concerns

A Paradigm Change

Present Levels of Performance Determination

Specially Designed Instruction


Goals and Objective

IEP Revisions

Parent Input


As Well As Additional Tools To Use.


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