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NSEAI provides parents and professional advocates with the knowledge and skills to get appropriately individualized and outcome-focused IEPs!

Not just “legally sufficient” ones.


Our 12 - one day, on demand, BCEA courses focus on effective introductory and advance advocacy strategies that:

  • Work effectively to improve independent student outcomes
  • Use the research-based techniques involved in SMARTER Goals
  • Get appropriate academic and functional evaluations
  • Document progress or regression
  • Promote a rate of progress that does not underestimate a child’s ability
  • Promote parent participation as equal members of the IEP team
  • Promote an understanding of parent rights, team responsibilities, and special education+ related regulations
  • Avoid legal disputes and costly mistakes by USING the IEP process appropriately
  • Address all academic and functional Educational Needs in an IEP      
    • Core Academics
    • Expanded Curriculums
    • Independent Functional Skills
    • Transitonal/ Vocational Skills
    • Extracurricular Participation Skills
    • Assistive Technology
    • Social Cognition Skills, and
    • Behavior Regulation Skills

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Improving Student Outcomes


Parents as Equal Members of the IEP Team



Not antiquated SMART goals used since 1972

Address Academic and Functional Skills


Rates of Progress

DO NOT underestimate the student's ability

Identify Accurately Educational Needs


Avoid Costly Mistakes and Legal Disputes

by using the IEP process appropriately


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