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Highly Focused Learning

We have been providing a highly focused quality learning experience for practitioners since 2008.  Our impact is immediate because no other organization provides a comprehensive cross training program with a current best practices curriculum related to: education, special education, special education laws, clinical related service expertise, research based interventions and need identification evaluations. We have an IEP process, competency based outcome and child focus approach that engages you in a peer-led process.

What sets us apart is the impact that our program makes in the lives of the students our advocates serve. Our advocates are community education advocacy leaders in their private practices or within the organizations they work. . Our programs are the gold standard of excellence within the field of professional education advocacy and were designed to transform your work, as well as your approach to getting positive outcomes.


The Gold Standard

The National Special Education Advocacy Institute has been preparing lay, self trained or legally trained advocates, teachers, educational specialists, administrators, parents and related service providers since 2008 with the first and the only national board certification program in education advocacy. This nationally recognized program is now being offered for the benefit of leaders such as yourself. Do not miss this opportunity.

Professionally trained education advocates are increasingly needed in elementary, secondary, post-secondary, community, and employment settings. Improve your understanding of the area of special education, especially now that:

11-15% of children born today have IEPs for a disability that prevents them from accessing their education.

1 in 14 children have some form of developmental disability - (6.99% prevalence).

1 in 36 children have autism - (2.76% prevalence).

1 in 10 children have dyslexia - a language based learning disability. (5-10% prevalence)




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